Sunday, September 25, 2016

Supporting Student Learning

What strategies and/or LMS tools could you use to support these students’ abilities to work independently and those with weak literacy skills?

1. Design lessons that are structured as competitive games, and with short, structured tasks.

2. Differentiated instruction is important in order to engage all types of students. Student choice, for example, gives students a level of ownership and control over their learning, which makes it more relevant and personal.

3. Having the proper resources, as well as varied resources, can help cover a variety of learning needs. Texts can include: books, e-books, websites, blogs, graphic novels, movies, advertisements, magazines, poetry, songs, etc.

4. Understand your audience - some studies have shown that boys are more likely to comprehend informational texts versus narrative texts. As a result, non-fiction texts can be a good strategy for male readers.


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